Uni entry standards too confusing

(Australian Associated Press)

As students across the country start choosing universities, many will find it confusing to work out how to win a spot in the course of their choice.

And Education Minister Simon Birmingham wants to shine a light on university practices and habits that may be keeping these students in the dark.

The ATAR cut-off is no longer seen as a meaningful indicator of what year 12 score a student needs to gain entry, submissions to a federal government review of university admissions say.

Half the 82 submissions say giving ATAR ranges for courses and clear information about bonus point schemes would be better for students and for transparency.

The overwhelming majority want institutions to publish details of offers and acceptances, student demographics and attrition rates.

“I regularly hear from students who are confused by how higher education institutions pick their students and from students who find it near-impossible to get a clear understanding of the study options available to them,” Senator Birmingham said on Wednesday.

The Higher Education Standards Panel conducting the review will now work through the submissions and make recommendations to government about how best to make things clearer for students.

Panel chair Peter Shergold says everyone acknowledges the current situation can’t continue.

“We are going to need concerted cooperation to ensure we reshape higher education admissions and give students more transparency,” he said.



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