Topher Kringle
(The Age)

BEGINNERS (1 point)

  1. What takes place under the mistletoe?
  2. What poultry item do we most associate with Christmas dinner?
  3. Who wrote the 1843 Christmas novella A Christmas Carol?
  4. Who is the famous music producer behind the album A Christmas Gift For You?
  5. What film features Billy Bob Thornton as a disgruntled department store Santa?


  1. What singer joined The Pogues on the song Fairytale Of New York?
  2. The French film Joyeux Noel is set during which war?
  3. What is the only day, apart from Christmas, that Mormon missionaries can call home?
  4. How many points does a snowflake have?
  5. What band had a 1973 hit with Merry Xmas Everybody?

ADVANCED (3 points)

  1. The people of which Norwegian city donate a Christmas tree for Trafalgar Square each year?
  2. Who released the album Tinseltown Rebellion in 1981?
  3. Who directed the film It’s a Wonderful Life?
  4. What song contains the lyric “Gone away is the bluebird/ Here to stay is a new bird”?
  5. Who wrote the 1996 novel Hogfather?
  6. Kissing 2. Turkey 3. Charles Dickens 4. Phil Spector 5. Bad Santa 6. Kirsty MacColl 7. First World War 8. Mother’s Day 9. Six 10. Slade 11. Oslo 12. Frank Zappa 13. Frank Capra 14. Winter Wonderland 15. Terry Pratchett


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