Increased cash flow boost for businesses

The Government will provide between $20,000 & $100,000 to eligible SMEs. These payments should be used to pay staff, electricity, rent & other bills. There will be two payments, the First Payment & the Additional Payment. Payments will be made by the ATO from July 2020.


Grow wealthier
You are thinking of broadening your investment asset base through diversification and making the most of your assets, including your home. You may still have sizeable debt, but, most likely, your income is increasing too.

  • Paying off ‘bad’ debt
  • Consider consolidating super funds/bank accounts, including credit cards
  • Increase contributions to your regular investment plan
  • Borrowing to invest
  • Check adequacy of your insurance cover
  • Take out appropriate insurance
  • Be smart with super
  • Education funding
  • Create a will, or review it for changing circumstances


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