Federal Budget 2022/23

30 March

What you need to know about the budget and your finances? Tax Temporary fuel price relief Cost of living payment Superannuation Small businesses Training and Technology boost Jobs Treasurer...[Read More]

Important announcement – Please read if you are drawing a pension from your Superfund

8 June

(DMA Financial Strategists)   Many of you are aware that the Federal government provided a temporary COVID relief in the 20/21 Financial year whereby the minimum Super pension payments/draw was reduced to 50% of normal. This was to...[Read More]

Update from David: EOFY 2020 – SUPERANNUATION

11 June

David Myers (DMA Financial Strategists)   The COVID-19 pandemic and the economic downturn that has followed, has not paused the passage of time.The end of the financial year is looming. It will be important that you read this and act...[Read More]

Australian businesses could be back in action by July, under the government’s new 3-step plan

8 May

By PHILLIP COOREY The vast majority of businesses could be up and running in less than two months after the national cabinet approved a comprehensive set of health protocols to enable commerce to resume in a “COVID-safe...[Read More]

JobKeeper details + implementation explained – April 2020

16 April

As you know, we had a significant announcement 2 weeks ago, of the JobKeeper payments that would be made to eligible businesses, and sole traders, to ensure that each of their eligible employees receives at least $1,500 per fortnight (before...[Read More]

COVID-19 update from David Myers – 3 April 2020

3 April

(David Myers) I hope you and your family are well as we have entered into Stage 3 lockdown and while the world seems a little crazy and disjointed at the moment, the positive news is that it looks like we are starting to ‘flatten the...[Read More]

How coronavirus cases compare by country – Updated March 30

3 April

Australia’s flattening curve by the numbers – March 29

3 April


27 March

Eligible individuals will be able to access up to $10,000 of their superannuation before 1 July 2020 and a further $10,000 from 1 July 2020 to late September (approximately 3 months). Any amount withdrawn from super is not subject to tax. For more...[Read More]

Changes to pension withdrawal requirements

27 March

To provide retirees with more flexibility in managing their retirement incomes, the Government has announced it is reducing the minimum pension payment requirement for account based pensions & similar products by 50% in both 2019-20 &...[Read More]

Income Support

27 March

Australians receiving regular government benefits will receive two additional $750 payments, with the first being paid on the 31st of March and the second being paid on the 13th of July. Eligible payments include the age pension, the disability...[Read More]

Increased cash flow boost for businesses

27 March

The Government will provide between $20,000 & $100,000 to eligible SMEs. These payments should be used to pay staff, electricity, rent & other bills. There will be two payments, the First Payment & the Additional Payment. Payments...[Read More]

Financial tip from Director David Myers

27 March

A lot of my clients are asking about whether to continue their regular investment plans into their investment portfolios. Yes, stock markets have certainly taken a tumble and there are short-medium term impacts however, many good businesses are...[Read More]

Coronavirus Update and the Government Safety Net Explained

24 March

We are in unprecedented times. We are in the midst of what can only be described as a rapidly evolving situation, with the possible impact on society changing it seems on a week to week (and maybe even now daily) basis. The good news is that over...[Read More]

RBA rolls QE bazookas out

20 March

WEEK IN VIEW It’s difficult to know where to begin. It’s all becoming such a blur at the moment with information changing by the minute, it’s making it hard to keep up. Yesterday the RBA made the only decision they really could and cut...[Read More]